Welcome to the openUFS Project Web page

Here you will find all the latest info regarding openUFS. A suggestion was made that we change the name of the project since UFS stands for Unix File System. Please email me any suggestions. openUFS aims to be a distrubuted file system that can run on anything,anywhere,anytime !

First public Source Released !

We have a very alpha version of openUFS. This version show how the DLL/libaries will be loaded into openUFS. The demo uses the DLL that will be used for the "File" File System. It will only load the DLL and check the 5 exported functions. Out of that it only calls one of them (Error)

You can download the file from the following locations :

Server Name Speed Link
Sourceforge.net Fast ! http
INSync Systems Not so fast :( http ftp


This project is also hosted on sourceforge.net (http://openufs.sourceforge.net) - Thanks Guys ! - I havn't yet designed a site for them :( but am thinking of just moving this site there !

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